Weighing Scales


VMC VC-200 Series

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VMC VC-400 Series

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VMC VC-500 Series

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VMC range of indicators, VC 500, 400 and 200 series are manufactured to cater for different application needs. VC-505 is a programmable indicator that uses SMARTS (Sequence Macro Application Relative Task Software) language to eliminate the necessity for custom factory programming and to interface with different printers and other input devices. The core of VC-505 is a PC-104 industrial hardened MC Module with an on-board PC-104 self-stacking 8-bit bus connector. The MC module introduces the first “Intelligent Digital Filter” using Fuzzy logic. The VC-505 can support hive single ended transducer input channels (3 scales input). VC-505 provides some of the same I/O capabilities as a PLC (AC, DC, high speed counter, positioning and PID). It also comes with multiple display modes that allow totalizing and single/ multiple scale display. The VC-505 can network to a PC using Active X control. This compact package gives you a true state-of-art system for transducer measurements, machine and process control applications.

In order to cater for different requirements from our diverse clienteles, VC-400 series indicators are compact, high performance digital weighing indicators. It offers sophisticated and flexible 2 or 3 steps control system for a wide variety of industrial applications.

The VC-200 series indicators are cost economical digital weight indicators that come in 4 models: VC-201, VC-202 (plastic casing), VC-203 (stainless steel casing) and VC-210 (simple weighing function). These indicators are manufactured in high volume to enjoy the economics of scale and provide competitive pricing for our customers.