Testing & Calibration

Being the first company to be accredited by SAC-SINGLAS for the Calibration and Measurement of weighing and weighing related equipment since 1988, MDC has undoubtedly the expertise in various testing and calibration services.

We have 2 environment-controlled laboratories within our premises that perform testing and calibration of weighing equipment, standard test weights, liquid measures and high capacity force measuring instruments. Our force measurement laboratory has the capability to test and calibrate load cells of up to 20 Mega-Newtons (20,000,000 Newtons) which is one of the highest capacity measuring laboratory accredited to ISO 17025 in the world.

We also perform testing and calibration services on-site for weighbridges with capacities up to 80 metric tonnes, fuel dispensing pumps for the major oil companies and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dispensing pumps.

Our accreditation includes the following:
SAC-SINGLAS (ISO/IEC 17025) for calibration & measurement for:

Weighing balances & weighing scales up to 5,000 kg

Crane and hanging scales up to 20,000 kg

Standard test weights up to 5,000 kg

Concrete batching plants and hopper scales up to 20,000 kg

Weighbridges up to 80,000 kg

Standard liquid measures up to 25 litres

Force measuring instruments up to 20MN (20,000,000 Newtons)

We are the appointed Authorised Verifier for SPRING Singapore’s Weights and Measures Office for weighing instruments, fuel dispensing pumps and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) dispensing pumps. MDC is proud to be the only Authorised Verifier in Singapore that is capable to perform verifications for 3 combined categories of testing.