Subsidiaries & Partners

Over the years, Malayan Daching (MDC) has been expanding and diversifying our business to create a business model that is dynamic and has a wide spread of business activities that is able to cater to all the important and major industries both locally and overseas.

To date, we are proud to have established the following subsidiaries:

Ban Guan Chemical Pte Ltd (BGC)

BGC specialises in trading and re-packaging of lubricants, chemicals and chemical additives.

Metall-Treat Industries Pte Ltd (MTI)

MTI specialises in surface treatment services and caters to the needs of the oil & gas, aerospace and other industries that require specific surface treatment to their products and equipment.

MDC Tech Centre Pte Ltd (MTC)

MTC concentrates on force measurements and housed a laboratory that specialises in the testing and calibration of high-capacity force transducers and customised ultra-heavy weighing services.

Malayan Daching (M) Sdn Bhd (MDM)

MDM is our first overseas subsidiary that supports HQ’s Malaysian customers and focuses on the same business as HQ.

Malayan Daching Indonesia (MDI)

MDI is the third oversea venture in Jakarta to support the Indonesia market.

Malayan Daching Thailand (MDT)

A joint venture with NCR, MDT will focus engineering business in Thailand.

Malayan Daching Vietnam (MDV)

MDV is our latest overseas venture company that supports HQ’s Vietnamese customers and focuses on the same business model as MDC.

Virtual Measurements & Control

VMC offers a complete range of standard and customised weighing indicators to fit into various range of weighing equipment, metal detector and checkweigher system. VMC provides various types of load cell that conforms to NTEP and OIML certification and IP rating system up to IP68 to be integrated into weighing and other application devices.

In 2015, Ban Guan Chemical Pte Ltd (BGC) set up a new joint-venture company with BRB International BV, named Viscotech Asia Pte Ltd (VAPL). VAPL specialises in the production of Viscosity Index improvers for the lubricants and lubricant additives industry. With this joint venture, MDC has taken a major step in lubricants production and extended our reach to major industries in the global market.