Process Equipment & Systems


Apart from supplying Shinko Denshi Analytical Balances and Laboratory Scales, Malayan Daching also offers powder analytical and laboratory equipment, to small scale production systems for qualitative analysis.

  • Pilot plant equipment for Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food applications.
  • Analytical equipment to characterise powder physical properties.
  • Multi-processor for both powder and liquid material processing.

e200LN Air Jet Sieve, most-used device around the world for determining particle size distributions of powder for quality assurance as defined in DIN EN ISO 9001.

e200LN PDF brochure

VBL, Vibette wet sieve unit to determine particle size of highly cohesive powder where it is difficult to be measured by laser diffraction or dry sieving.

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PT-X , 9th generation Powder Characteristics Tester, measures indexes (Carr Index) of the “Flow-ability & Flood-ability” of dry powder.

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PNT-N, Peneto Analyzr, evaluates the affinity between powder and liquid – rate of liquid penetration into powder layer.

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R&D - modular bench top, powder multi-processor.

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Multi-Processor laboratory scale systems offering process reproducibility to later production scale up.

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