Maintenance & Repair

MDC started in 1955 in the sales and repair of mechanical weighing scales. With our deep roots in the repair business, we have continued the tradition and we have also been performing maintenance services for our customers since day 1. Many of our customers have been working with us since they started their business in Singapore, many of them maintain yearly contracts with us.

Customers with maintenance service contracts with us enjoy special attention from us. Whenever there is a breakdown in their weighing equipment, we will attend to their needs within the shortest possible time. We constantly strive to provide the best and fastest service to our customers, which is the main reason for who and what we are today.

Our maintenance and repair works are not just for the brands that we represent. Due to our 60+ years of experience in the maintenance and repair business, we naturally possess the knowledge and expertise to maintain and repair other brands of equipment which is related to our business. Due to the trust that we have built with our regular customers, many of them have entrusted us to maintain their plant and equipment on a regular basis, with mutual contractual agreement.

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