Corporate Profile

Founded in 1955, Malayan Daching Company (MDC) started off as a manufacturer of daching, a traditional Chinese weighing scale used widely in the early days for all sorts of trading.

In those days, we also supplied and repaired mechanical weighing scales as that was the technology during that era. In the late 1970s, we started to distribute electronic weighing scales in the local market and soon became a key player in the weighing industry. In 1988, MDC became the first weighing scale company to be accredited under SINGLAS (Singapore Laboratory Accreditation Scheme) in the field of Calibration and Measurement. MDC is also appointed by SPRING Singapore as an Authorised Verifier for Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument, Petrol, Diesel and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Dispensing Pumps. To date, we are the only Authorised Verifier in Singapore with these 3 combined categories.

While maintaining our strength and presence in the Weights and Measures arena, MDC has since evolved into a multi-faceted engineering company that offers a vast range of specialised services. Besides supplying various weighing, weighing related, quality-control, packaging and processing equipment, we also have a team of competent professionals to provide Plant Concept Design, Process Automation & Control System, Process Equipment Integration, Project Management, and Building & Construction services. In short, MDC is able to provide Design & Build and Total Solution services for companies from a wide range of industries.

To date, MDC has achieved accreditation in ISO/IEC 17025, and certifications in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, WSHC’s bizSAFE STAR and BCA’s GGBS (Green & Gracious Building Scheme). These achievements affirm our commitment to providing quality services, maintaining a sustainable environment, and creating a safe workplace for both our employees and the general public.

In recent years, MDC has diversified our business operations and added 4 new subsidiaries:

Metall-Treat Industries Pte Ltd (MTI): MTI specialises in surface treatment services and caters to the needs of the oil & gas, aerospace and other industries that require specific surface treatment to their products and equipment.
Ban Guan Chemical Pte Ltd (BGC): BGC specialises in blending, trading and re-packaging of lubricants, chemicals and chemical additives.
MDC Tech Centre Pte Ltd (MTC): MTC houses a force measurement laboratory that specialises in the testing and calibration of high-capacity force transducers and provides customised ultra-heavy weighing services.
Malayan Daching Vietnam (MDV): MDV is our latest overseas venture company that supports HQ’s Vietnamese customers and focuses on the same business model as MDC.

In 2015, BGC set up a new joint-venture company with BRB International BV, named Viscotech Asia Pte Ltd (VAPL). VAPL specialises in the production of Viscosity Index improvers for the chemical and chemical additives industry. With this joint venture, MDC has taken a major step in chemicals production and extended our reach to major industries in the global market.